Top 5 Best Office Lamp

Top 5 Best Office Lamp 

The top 5 best office lamp are flu­o­res­cent lamp,CFL, Incan­des­cent lamp,LED lamp,power bank lamp

  1. Flu­o­res­cent Lamp 
  2. CFL
  3. Incan­des­cent lamp
  4. LED Lamp
  5. Pow­er Bank Lamp or Invert­er Lamp

1.Fluorescent Lamp

Best office lamp
Flu­o­res­cent Best office lamp

When the light of this lamp shines on an object, for exam­ple a fan, it appears as if it rotates or rotates in the oppo­site direc­tion or is sta­ble, this is called stro­bo­scop­ic effect. 

Due to this, there is a high chance of acci­dents in fac­to­ries. But we use this lamp in the office, so there is no harm. There is no chance of acci­dent as there is only com­put­er, table and chair in the office 

This flu­o­res­cent lamp can be used in small rooms of the office 

CRI VALUE 65 to 77 

Lamp burn­ing Hours = 5000 to 15000 hrs 


  1. High Effi­cien­cy
  2. No volt­age fluctuation
  3. The qual­i­ty of light is good 


  • Ini­tial cost high because flu­o­res­cent lamp is includ­ing choke and starter 
  • Stro­bo­scop­ic effect 

2.CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) 

Best office lamp
CFL best Office Lamp

CFL lamp is also known as com­pact flu­o­res­cent lamp and ener­gy sav­ing light 

It is a flu­o­res­cent lamp designed to replace the nor­mal incan­des­cent lamp.These lamps are bent tube in flu­o­res­cent lamp.You can get more light by using this lamp 

The types of flu­o­res­cent tube lights are as follows

1.T12: 40 watts, the diam­e­ter of the tube is 128 “i.e. 33.8mm

2.T8: 36 watts, the diam­e­ter of the tube is 8/8 “i.e. 26mm

3.T5: 14, 21,28, 35 watts, the diam­e­ter of the tube is 58 ”i.e. 16mm

T5 diam­e­ter tube light is short­er in length than T8 and T12 diam­e­ter tubes. Thus T5 lamps with high­er lamp effi­cien­cy are 50mm short­er than 8 and 12 lamps

Also it only runs on elec­tron­ic choke. There­fore, when fit­ting 75 lamps in fit­tings with 12 and T8 light, spe­cial arrange­ments are required

The effi­ca­cy of a 35 watts 15 lamp is 95 lumens / watt. But for 18 lamps it will be 89 lumens / watt, with elec­tron­ic choke. Mer­cury with glass does not absorb as the T5 lamp has a coat­ing on the inside of the glass.Thus the use of mer­cury will be great­ly reduced


  1. A CFL con­sumes less pow­er than an incan­des­cent lamp to pro­duce the same amount of light 
  2. A CFL con­sumes less pow­er than an incan­des­cent lamp to pro­duce the same amount of light. For exam­ple, instead of using a 75 watt incan­des­cent lamp, a 20 watt CFL lamp is sufficient 
  3. The lifes­pan of CFL lamps is 6000 to 15000 hours. At the same time, the life of incan­des­cent lamps is 750 to 1000 hours 
  4. The lumi­nous effi­cien­cy of CFL lamps ranges from 50 to 70 luminous/watts. But for incan­des­cent lamp it is 10 to 17 lumens/watts


CFL lamps cost 3 to 10 times more than incan­des­cent lamps 

3.LED Lamp

best office lamp
LED best office Lamp

LED lamp is made up of light emit­ting diode. These are sol­id state lamps. Since it only has diode and LED chip reflec­tor, it does not require much cur­rent, it can also be called ener­gy sav­ing light 

This led light is also used for dis­play in many places like Tv, fridge, car, bike. This light can also be used as a desk lamp. Stu­dents can use this lamp for study­ing and home studies 


  1. LED bulbs work 25 times longer than con­ven­tion­al bulbs 
  2. Incan­des­cent bulbs con­vert only 10 per­cent of their ener­gy out­put into light. 90 per­cent is waste as heat. But the least amount of ener­gy in LED bulbs is waste. More­over, their ener­gy effi­cien­cy is 400 times high­er than that of incan­des­cent lamps 


  • As the days get longer, the lumen out­put of LED lamps decreases


1. Used for light­ing in aircrafts. 

2. Used for light­ing in automobiles. 

3. Used in adver­tise­ments, gen­er­al light­ing and traf­fic signals. 

4. Used in remote con­trol units in home appli­ances like TV, DVD player. 

5. Used in sev­en seg­ment displays.

4.Incandscent Lamp

best office lamp
Incan­des­cent lamp

This lamp accu­rate­ly dis­plays the nat­ur­al col­or of an object. Its CRI VALUE is 100 percent.For exam­ple, it shows the col­or of the files in our office more accu­rate­ly than oth­er lamps 

If you go to jew­el­ery shop, tex­tile show­room you can see these incan­des­cent lamps. They use jew­els and cloth­ing col­ors to accu­rate­ly dis­play them to customers 

Effi­cien­cy and life of this lamp is very low. Its life is max­i­mum two months 

If you want to see the col­or of an object accu­rate­ly in your office you can use this lamp 

CRI VALUE = 100 

Effi­cien­cy = 8 to 17 

5.Power Bank Lamp or Inverter Lamp 

Pow­er bank best office lamp

Image cred­its to Flipkart 

It is a led charg­ing lamp. This type of lamp can be used in our office when there is no current 

If this lamp is charged once, it will last for 3 to 4 hours. The light will auto­mat­i­cal­ly turn on when the cur­rent is cut 

You can buy and use this lamp at home. It will be help­ful for stu­dents to study when there is no cur­rent. The effi­cien­cy and life of this lamp is high 

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