What Is Energy Meter | Digital Energy Meter Block Diagram

What Is Energy Meter

A dig­i­tal ener­gy meter is a mea­sur­ing device that mea­sures the amount of elec­tric­i­ty con­sumed by a con­sumer and process­es it dig­i­tal­ly, con­vert­ing that elec­tric­i­ty into units of numbers 

This type of meter elec­tron­i­cal­ly sam­ples the cir­cuit volt­age and the cur­rent flow­ing through it, con­verts the two quan­ti­ties into dig­i­tal sig­nals and cal­cu­lates them in dig­i­tal sig­nal pro­cess­ing, aggre­gat­ing a peri­od of time into ener­gy and record­ing it as ener­gy. The record­ed ener­gy is dis­played in dig­i­tal form 

Digital Energy Meter Block Diagram 

Digital Energy Meter Block Diagram
Dig­i­tal Ener­gy Meter Block Diagram 

Digital Energy Meter Block Diagram Parts and Explanation

  1. Meter­ing Engine 
  2. Pro­cess­ing Engine 
  3. Add on Modules 
  4. Pow­er supply 

Metering Engine

The meter­ing engine is sam­pled with the help of cir­cuit volt volt­age divider and cur­rent trans­former. The sam­pled sianals are then con­vert­ed into dig­i­tal sig­nals by ADC. The con­vert­ed dig­i­tal sig­nals are fed to the pro­cess­ing engine 

Processing Engine

This is where the pow­er and ener­gy of the cir­cuit are dig­i­tal­ly processed and record­ed. ICs and micro­proces­sors are used for this. The quan­ti­ty that is processed and record­ed is con­vert­ed into a dig­i­tal sig­nal and fed to a dis­play device 

Add on Modules

Add-ON Mod­ules are sub­sys­tems. The sub sys­tem is soi real time clock, LCD dis­play con­troller, mem­o­ry. These are also used by the dig­i­tal meter to func­tion prop­er­ly and deliv­er the processed out­put in dig­i­tal form 

Power Supply

It is the part of the pow­er sup­ply that sens­es the cur­rent of the cir­cuit volt­age and con­verts it into sig­nals suit­able for the meter­ing engine. In addi­tion, all dig­i­tal sys­tems housed with­in the dig­i­tal ener­gy meter have the cor­rect oper­at­ing DC volt­age. Also provides 


  • Accu­rate­ly pre­dict energy
  • Errors such as fric­tion­al error are unlike­ly to occur 
  • There is no chance of steal­ing energy 
  • Reli­able operation 
  • Errors like creep­ing do not occur 
  • Record­ed ener­gy can be obtained as a pring out 
  • Can also be oper­at­ed as a remote control 


  • High cost

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